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Volume 15 Number 1 January 2014



This month in JICS

Problem solving in intensive care – the role of extracorporeal technologies 1B04,3C00

Improving the hospital management of acute kidney injury 1I02, 2C04

Futile treatment in intensive care 2C06

Original articles

The Cardiac Output Monitoring EvaluaTion-UK (COMET-UK) study 2A04

Pilot study of two nurse-led weaning protocols in patients with tracheostomies 3C00

Special article

Intensive care in the Defence Medical Services 3C00

Review articles

Modern protective ventilation strategies: impact upon the right heart 2C01, 2C04

Stabilisation and transport of the critically ill child 2D01,2D07,3A11

Audits and surveys

Still preparing to fail by failing to prepare? A survey of trainees’ experience of and training in interhospital transfers 3A11

In hospital and post discharge mortality in the extreme elderly admitted to intensive care 3C00

Intensive care staff attitudes to deceased organ donation 2C06,3C00

Increasing the retirement age in intensive care medicine: perception of the effect on patient safety and personal health 3J00

Case reports

A late presentation of dynamic ECG conduction abnormalities following blunt chest injury 2CO1

Rhabdomyolysis, haemolytic anaemia, multi-organ failure and colonic stricture in a patient with Salmonella lohbruegge gastroenteritis 2C03

Hypertriglyceridaemia-induced acute pancreatitis: is plasmapheresis really indicated? 3C00

A case of MDMA toxicity with unusual clinical and neuroradiological features 2CO1

A case of pulmonary haemorrhage and acute kidney injury 2C01

Management of hyperthyroidism in a prolonged nil by mouth state 3C00

CAT review

Effect of early vs late tracheostomy on survival in patients receiving mechanical ventilation - the TracMan trial 3C00


Echocardiography in intensive care: an evolving skill for the intensivist

Mimicking asthma: Consider vocal cord dysfunction

Surveillance for ventilator-associated pneumonia

Commentary: VAP and VAC: Janus in the ICU


Lemmingaid: Ten blokes in a pub


Pulmonary embolism – the future. Optimising the prevention of PE in the critically ill patient

State of the Art Meeting 2013

Abstract and poster presentations from the State of the Art 2013 meeting

Articles considered suitable for CPD have appropriate codes from the CPD matrix for Intensive Care Medicine, as approved by the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine.

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