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Volume 15 number 4 October 2014



This month in JICS

Electronic health records (EHR) in ICUs: can we do better with simpler design approaches? G101

Evacuation of the ICU due to fire 2C07, 3C00

Special article

Managing the aftermath of a fire on intensive care caused by an oxygen cylinder 2C07, 3C00

Original articles

Priorities for future intensive care research in the UK: results of a James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership 3C00

Intensive care: who benefits? F105, 2C01

Minimising warm and cold ischaemic times in livers transplanted from donation after circulatory death donors: are we doing enough? 2C06

A prospective observational study of significant airway events in intensive care 1C01, 1C02, I106

The use of a modified Delphi technique to create a list of ‘top ten tips’ for communication with patients and relatives in intensive care 3C00

Ethics and law

Deprivation of liberty in intensive care 1E03, F102

The pitfalls of telephone advice: getting it right 2C07, 3C00

Audits and surveys

Prophylactic inferior vena cava filters in trauma: a national survey of current practice 1A02, 1E05

Patient attitudes to intensive care and life-sustaining technology 2C06

Challenging dogma

Oral feed for patients with a tracheostomy: Balancing risks and benefits 2C04, 3C00

Communication from overseas

Occurrence of pressure ulcers and risk factors in a mixed medical surgical ICU a cohort study 3C00

Case reports

Extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal as an alternative to endotracheal intubation for non-invasive ventilation failure in acute exacerbation of COPD 2C04, 3C00

Limbic encephalitis and refractory status epilepticus in the ICU classification, diagnosis and treatment 3C00

Gas in the kidneys? Emphysematous pyelonephritis: a case series 3C00

Ondine’s curse: a case of anti-Hu paraneoplastic syndrome 3C00

CAT reviews

Volume-outcome relationships for mechanically ventilated adult patients 2C02, 3C00

Hyperglycaemic control in paediatric intensive care 2C04, 3C00


Response to: Cost effectiveness in the prevention of VAP

Electrical muscle stimulation in the intensive care unit

Oxygen therapy: hyperoxaemia in subarachnoid haemorrhage


Book review: Equipment in Anaesthesia and Critical Care: A complete guide for the FRCA

Lemmingaid: Only in the NHS...

Articles considered suitable for CPD have appropriate codes from the CPD matrix for Intensive Care Medicine, as approved by the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine.

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