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Volume 15 Number 3 July 2014



This month in JICS

Supporting children with relatives in the intensive care unit 3C00

Educational review

Oxygen therapy in critical illness: friend or foe? A review of oxygen therapy in selected acute illnesses 1A01, 1A03

Original articles

The use of echocardiography in diagnosis, risk stratification and management of pulmonary embolism: a retrospective single-centre analysis 2C01, 2C03, 3C00

Comorbidity and intensive care outcome Š a multivariable analysis 2C01, 3C00

Observational study of the effect of heparin-containing flush solutions on the incidence of arterial catheter occlusion I106, 1A03

Changes in the rates of reported pressure ulcers in response to a regional critical care quality improvement project I106, 3C00

Review articles

Management of diabetic ketoacidosis: a summary of the 2013 Joint British Diabetes Societies guidelines 1A02, 2C04

Acute mesenteric ischaemia 2C01, 2C04

Case reports

Fatal atrial oesophageal fistula following pulmonary vein isolation: an unresolved safety issue 3C00

Development of a spinal epidural abscess masked by critical illness 2C01, C300

Profound anaemia in a JehovahÕs Witness following upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage: intensive care management 2C04, 2C03, F104

Treatment of a complex mixed overdose of antihypertensive medication 1A02, 2C04, 2C05

Acromegaly presenting with diabetic ketoacidosis and diabetes insipidus 3C00, 2C01

Group B streptococcal infection Š an emerging cause of sepsis in fit nonperipartum adults 2C03, 2CO1, 3COO

Cosmetic contact lenses and the pupillary light reflex in trauma 2C01, 3C00

CAT reviews

Effect of statin therapy on mortality in patients with ventilator-associated pneumonia 1A02, 3C00

High versus low blood pressure target in patients with septic shock 2C03, 3C00

Protective ventilation strategies in abdominal surgery 2C02, 2C04

Effect of heart rate control with esmolol on haemodynamic and clinical outcomes in patients with septic shock 2C03, 3C00


Gastric perforation due to nasogastric tube insertion

The use of bispectral index monitoring during percutaneous tracheostomy on a cardiothoracic ICU

Cost effectiveness in the prevention of VAP

Arterial sampling line error leading to iatrogenic hyperkalaemia

Transfer training

Delirium in intensive care revisited

An unusual cause for delay in emergency imaging with significant implications

Lemmingaid: How does this make you feel?

Articles considered suitable for CPD have appropriate codes from the CPD matrix for Intensive Care Medicine, as approved by the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine.

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